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Why Choose Us Over the Mega Custom Online Website

Think the big custom online shop has your best interest in mind? Think again.
For you to know their brand name, they have to pay for that constant barrage of online, tv and radio ads. Then they pass those costs on to...that's right...YOU.
You might be surprised to know that we often cost less than either of those options. How? We don't constantly advertise and we utilize state of the art digital printing machines as well as advanced screen-printing techniques to offer the most cost-effective method of printing for your specific project.

What Makes Us Better

Unbeatable Customer Service

We pride ourselves on our 5-star customer service. When you begin your order with us, we assign a customer service agent who will make your entire ordering process hassle-free all the way through delivery. Our credo is "Grow Better. Grow With Us".At our core, we sincerely want to grow our business along with our customers. 

Premium Digital Printing

We are one of the few printers fully utilizing digital printing techniques, so we can digitally print an order for as few as 1 shirt or screen print as many garments as you need. That means with digital printing you can get exactly what you need with no set-up fees, no screens fees, and no minimums! 10 years ago we cut our chops wrestling with the 1st generation of digital machines and now we marry that experience with modern technology to bring you the ultimate in premium digital printing.

Advanced Screen Printing Techniques

When it comes to being cost-effective for bulk orders (24 units and above), screen printing can't be beat.  The larger the screen printing order, the more cost effective it becomes compared to other methods

Screen printing also offers the most vibrancy and resilience of all printing techniques. Screen print  ink can be used on polyester, nylon, teflon coated fabrics, burlap, bamboo, you name it. 

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