What is Screen Printing?

When a garment is created using the screen printing method, mesh screens are used in the process. Essentially, this screen makes a stencil for the design. Plastisol ink is then pushed through the screen with a squeegee, passing through to the object underneath specifically in the areas you want it to be.

A screen needs to be prepared for every color in your art and sometimes on dark garments you need a screen for a base or primer layer of ink. 

When only a simple image or logo is desired for printing, especially in large quantities, screen printing is a MUCH more sensible option for production. Due to the cost and time to prepare screens there is a 24 unit minimum on all orders.

Screen printing can be done on almost any garment and many different types of promo materials. Maximum printing area is 20" wide by 24" high.

Screen printing might be right for you if:

Don't worry! Once we see your art and quantity needed, we can decide which method is best/most cost-effective for your order.

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